SiBlingship at The Groucho Club for Hospital room Fundraiser - imgeas : Courtesy Hospital Rooms, Photographer Jennifer Moyes

SiBlingship (Floods 🌊  in Fires🔥 ) - 2023- to present 

SiBlingship (Floods 🌊  in Fires🔥 )  is a collaboration between"John Costi, Bill Daggs & Shepherd Manyika.

An  improvisational performance that employs the freestyle methodologies of MC's and Jazz musicians in a space that the group have named a "Siblingship". The Siblingship exists in the domestic environment, a sonic and visual piece where creation and deconstruction are just as important as the other. It is a sound clash in a brothers shared bedroom on a double cassette boombox, a fight over figurines and cardboard fortresses, it is the finding of a voice, or a role, but essentially it is the spontaneous rhythmical magic moments that exist in a space where kin are engrossed in play."